Thursday, May 8, 2008

A few little letters

I successfully defended my Ph.D. on Friday, which would be (well, I guess it's officially after midnight) six days ago. Today I finished my dissertation revisions (which honestly I'd just been putting off). Between defense and revision,the following would be of note:

- Uppity undergraduate student who always talks down to everyone actually engaged me in conversation in a normal tone and asked me about my plans for next year. Apparently now we're on equal terms?

- People I don't even know keep congratulating me in the hallways or over email. This includes faculty of the college I'm going to be teaching at in the fall.

- I'm no longer annoyed by the general research-university bias in my current department. Comments along the lines of "congratulations on the job, that sounds great, well, if you're interested in undergraduate eduction" still come my way once in a while, but I just think, yeah, that is what I'm interested in, thanks.

- To my surprise, some of the most research-oriented faculty here have been the most supportive, and have encouraged me to send them graduate students in the future.

- After defending my research, I suddenly feel better about it. No one had much to say about what I'd written or presented, though part of me had expected some kind of polite "I can't believe you think this is right" commentary. Maybe I'm not full of crap after all?

- I'm definitely on the verge of complacency and a summer full of cable television and long walks, maybe even some camping trips. I fear that there will be no good mix of "taking a break" and "keeping some momentum". I believe I am doomed.

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