Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moving on

I'm finally getting some sleep (not quite enough, but enough to function)...I'm not sure if this has more to do with eventually becoming so tired that I got 12 hours of sleep and put myself back on a decent schedule, or the fact that I've been taking melatonin and self-medicating with a night cap or two. Either way, I'm moving out of my current apartment in just over a week, so my environmental issues will no longer be a problem and I hope the insomnia won't either! Thanks for the advice, to those who commented and emailed!

I've made a depressingly small dent in the packing etc., but I did reserve the moving van and change my address, so I'm feeling good about things in general. Now I just have to find time to submit a revision and a new manuscript, and harass a coauthor in hopes of submitting another revision that should have been in months ago. At least if I have things in review over the next month or two, I won't feel like such a complete slacker over the summer!

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