Wednesday, May 21, 2008

political interlude

My political views are probably not difficult to guess, and I don't plan on discussing those views in blog form. But given recent reactions to the Obama/Clinton race, I wanted to vent the following:

I'm getting tired of reading and hearing things that imply I must vote for Clinton in order to make a stand for women's rights and equality, yadda yadda. That I would otherwise be some sort of traitor by supporting the continuation of the boys' club that has always existed in the political sphere.

Regardless of my own decision, and regardless of the sexist/racist/classist views of both of these candidates (and there are some on both sides), aren't we supposed to be aiming for a world where we don't discriminate, vote for OR against someone simply because of their gender or race? I think basing my decision primarily on these factors, or encouraging other people to do so, is just as bad as choosing not to vote for them for the same reasons.

And maybe I'm not alone there, but I've been hearing the feminist pressure these days. /political commentary.

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