Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've been hooded and lauded and now I have some checks to cash (is this really the last round?!). Everyone went home and now it's time to get organized!

One week until moving day, and I found out that Budget had allowed me to make a reservation for a truck even though their office will be closed. So we're going with UHaul for an extra 30 bucks, though we'll get more mileage for free and its closer to my apartment anyway.

Things I've finally accomplished:

- Cleaned up the lab and organized all the samples/notes/books that are going with me into three little boxes. It's amazing that so many lab shelves and drawers can be condensed into such tiny containers. I've also gotten rid of the last of my haz waste, finished doing dishes and returned borrowed equipment. One part of my life, officially packed!

- Finished one of the very quick experiments I wanted to run, even though it probably isn't useful as the only one. Oh well. I'll have something for potential undergrad projects right away, I guess.

- Submitted a new manuscript that was ready to go following dissertation submission. Then I had to fix a formatting issue. But it's in!

- Organized the revision of another paper, ready to send in tomorrow (or whenever I get back to the office). I don't think it will be accepted in the end, considering that I've been back and forth with multiple editors and that what they seem to want out of it is not what I want out of it (that's what I get for going for higher impact factors!). But I'll give it the final try.

- Contacted coauthor for revision #2, which won't be done this week but which might be done in June..? But I've been saying things like that about this paper for YEARS now, so...maybe.

- Started packing the office. I have way too many papers to file.

Hopefully I won't forget to do things like turn in my keys and cancel my utilities. Good thing we still have a week before we go!

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