Sunday, May 25, 2008

ready to go

Everything but the mattress, the coffee maker, the computer and the wireless router (we have our priorities) is packed and in the living room, ready for the short trip out our front door and into the UHaul truck that we'll pick up in the morning.

We're told that it will rain all day. But I expect these parting gifts from a city I'm happy to be leaving. We picked up all the boxes from my office this afternoon, so we only have one location to empty and it will hopefully be a quick few hours of loading.

My hopes for tomorrow:

Extremely "scattered" thunderstorms. As in, not over my place.

A well-behaved and adjustable cat, who just got her first collar and name/phone tag in anticipation of her escape during the move.

Everything fits in the truck. Partner assures me that the truck will be plenty big enough. At least we have a pickup in case we have some spillover.

We can be ready to go by early afternoon, and get the heck outta here!

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