Saturday, May 10, 2008

Soliciting information

Since finally falling asleep at 7 am is not a tenable situation for me, I've decided to give in and try some kind of (non-prescription?) sleep aid. Anyone have suggestions? Part of my sleep issue is environmental (I am very noise-sensitive), so I don't have too many options regarding quiet space, relaxation, etc. I'm going for chemical induction here.

I wish I could figure out why my insomnia has gotten worse post-defense!


T said...

Funny, this showed up in the Trib today:,0,5270671.story

Good luck with it... not sleeping SUCKS ASS.

Eric Reuter said...

Personally, I find that CDs of bird song work fantastically. There are various discs out there meant to help you identify birds by ear, and I bet a library would carry at least one. They usually consist of a soft narration with lots of calls. This sort of thing helps drown out the background noise of a city and gives your mind something to focus on, without making you think about anything too deep. They're also not too disruptive to a Partner.