Thursday, June 12, 2008


Homeowner's Insurance: check
Inspectors: contacted
Mortgage Loan: in the works

Walked through all the local hardware stores spouting plans for the future: check

Paperwork is such a pain, particularly when you've been a grad student on a fellowship with paperless everything. I'm hoping my PDF printouts actually count.

Now it's time for the mid-June return to City, where we will have music and food and people for the weekend, and then I'm off for a week of scholarly doings and seeing more people I never get to see.

My next big decision: July vacation? And if so: very local, fly far away, or drive to mid-range place-with-bugs for backpacking?


T said...

I'm sure you've already considered this, but flying? Crazy expensive these days. Like, crazy expensive.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Yup..I have enough miles on two different airlines to get us both somewhere, as long as it doesn't involve crossing oceans. So it'd be free except that I'd probably pay the "making the reservation less than 30 days before the trip" fee. But then that's another consideration, whether it's worth using miles for a quick vacation.

T said...
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Liberal Arts Lady said...

That is far too trendy. :) But we'll put in on the interesting ideas list!

AstroFemme said...

Ah, vacation. You know, you don't have to go somewhere far to enjoy some time to yourselves. Depending on where you are, a couple hour drive could get you to somewhere remote where you can spend a few days winding down. Perhaps rent a cabin somewhere? Backpacking sounds like a great idea!