Wednesday, June 4, 2008

phase two

We're finally on to the next stage of our summer: subletting and looking for a house! New Home Town is relatively quiet compared to the City we came from, but we're decently busy despite the lack of "entertainment" options (we were warned repeatedly that we would be bored out of our minds).

The house hunt has begun, and as with most house hunts we're probably going to be bumping our price range by a few ten thousand bucks. Funny how that seems like nothing at all when you're talking about a hundred thousand dollars. Am I really ready for that kind of debt? Hmm. Maybe then I'll feel like a real American.

The search will continue. The questions:

- how good a trade is more land for a smaller house size?
- how much work do we really want to do on an older home?
- do we really need a shower that isn't in the basement? (this is actually common)
- in town or out of town?

I'm hoping that something will jump out at me at some point; I'd rather spend a little more on something I think I can love than spend a decent amount on something I think will do just fine!

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