Thursday, July 31, 2008

are we done yet?

Partner and I spent all of yesterday hauling our stuff from the second floor of his family's barn onto the first floor in preparation for truck-loading. It's been great having free storage, which would have cost us a large chunk of cash otherwise, but while emptying our storage "area" we discovered that we own way, way more stuff than we thought we did, primarily because we've been slowly moving things here for the past three years. Over three years I managed to forget that we had anything in storage at all!

The stuff coming with us on Sunday will include things from our City apartment, things we put in storage, and things Partner has been keeping in the barn since high school and college. That adds up. When Partner moved to City, he basically moved in with me and brought only those items that supplemented what I already owned; I didn't quite realize how much he had left behind. It looks like we'll be the proud owners of at least three different sets of dishes in varying states of completion, more coffee cups than I will ever find a use for, and more books than we'll have shelving to hold.

If we didn't have to move it all, I'd be far more excited, but unpacking will be like Christmas. That's my favorite part of moving anyway, and this time I won't already know what the boxes have in store. Next week is going to be fun. This weekend, maybe less so.

Tomorrow we close (finally!). Sunday we actually move in. And if we can get to city hall tomorrow in time to avoid having the water shut off until Monday, I will count us exceptionally lucky.


Candid Engineer said...

Congrats on the house! Exciting!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting on the house! But yes, packing/cleaning/moving is not fun.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Thanks! Now that we've actually moved in, I can say "exciting" is more relevant than it was pre-move.