Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my first auction

Temporary Summer Home is rural enough that the only internet access comes from the sky, which sounds fine (given the functional nature of most satellite television) but in practice has more glitches than most high-speed internet services. Every significant weather event leads to a loss of signal or some strange issue, like the past weekend when rebooting the router gave us 15 minutes of access before we'd have to reboot again. I have to wonder whether dialup would be less frustrating (ok, that would never be true, but at least it would be reliably very very slow).

My other weekend activity (other than all the rebooting) was a trip to a local auction barn, where we hoped to pick up some cheap antiques and see what this auction thing was all about. I quickly realized that antique dealers are running a ridiculous scam; this place was piled high with furniture, knick-knacks, farmhouse goods, etc., and most of it was in fairly good shape. Anyone with some paint stripper and a sander would make a killing in the city; many pieces didn't even sell, or could have been purchased for $1. We picked up a few things, mostly for Partner's workshop, and I admit I got into the adrenaline rush of the place, waiting for things to come up and hoping to beat out the rest of the crowd. It would be way too easy to fill a house with $5 furniture, and never get around to the sanding and staining.

I still haven't gotten much work done...that will most likely be the theme of this summer, to be honest. But there are still a few more weeks to kill...

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