Thursday, July 24, 2008

new job anxiety

My lab and office space is being constructed/reconstructed at the moment; I provided my input last month and I haven't been contacted since, so I assume they got what they needed from me. Unfortunately, I apparently have very little trust in things happening in my absence, and this has turned into one of my favorite insomnial "I-can't-control-this-so-I'll-just-worry-about-it-all-the-time" issues.

Last night I had some interesting dreams, in which the offices and computer lab for the (small) department were built from cubicle walls and given curtains for doors. And I just stood there thinking, "shit I can't complain about this, can I?" And then there was a dream about teaching my first lecture, leaving the classroom, and later realizing that the students present had been those in the first lab period and I had wasted an entire lecture on only half the class.

These aren't entirely based in fantasy land; I get the feeling I'll have to argue for the final pieces of furnishing that I'll need, like filing cabinets and shelves in the lab. I just wish I could stop worrying about it right now, when I can't do much about it.

My other concern is that I'm teaching a course with a lab, which will be Tues/Thurs. Half the class will be going to lab on each day, giving me a smaller population to work with. Problem: classes begin on a Thursday. Do I scrap the first (and later, the last) lab periods, or do I somehow make that first lab group do something useful without having any lecture or introduction to the course, and then get stuck with a Thursday-group-first lab schedule (which will be annoying because of my conference schedule among other things)?

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