Wednesday, July 2, 2008

not quite a home owner

We're still bumming around during our summer of sloth; I'm getting organized as an employee of SLAC and making some lab orders, but otherwise not doing much. Partner is checking out his employment/schooling options and weighing the pros and cons. Everything house-related is done, so now we're just waiting until August, when we can move in!

When we made our offer we had made a list of requests: mostly appliances, but a few extra things (porch swing) as well. We got a few of those requests, but not all (porch swing), presumably because the current home owner is a woodworker and made a few of those items himself. Today we get an email, stating that the owners are going to be selling some of their property and wanted to give us first choice at buying their stuff for cheap. On the list? Porch swing! We think this is kinda lame; we're not buying it. We're buying a few other things that are cheap and would be nice to have, and even though we'll probably have to make our own swing for the porch at some point, we felt it was a little money-grubbing to try to sell us something we had asked for as part of the house price, when they're only asking $50 for it and we're paying them the asking price.

Yes, I am very passive-aggressive.

Maybe they found a new house without a porch. Still. If it were me, I'd just leave it. They also wanted to sell us "plans" for a bathroom they never built; yes, we were thinking of putting a bathroom there as well, in the future, but I have some specific things I'd put in there. Also, how are those possibly useful to them once they move? Again, that's something I'd just leave behind.

Maybe I am overly generous. Maybe I won't feel that way once I've put ten years into a property. But I think it's a little strange.


T said...

"Strange" isn't the word for it, "cheap" is. That's unfortunate.

There is always a darn good chance they'll just leave the swing/plans/etc., though...

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Yeah...I suppose. :) I get the impression that it's impossible to make selling a home a non-emotional affair. All the stories I hear are about people who were annoyed by the sellers.

We figure they might leave what they don't sell, too...not that we really care either way about getting random stuff like an extra microwave.

Candid Engineer said...

Bizarre. And I agree, it comes from being cheap. Maybe they intended to keep their porch swing, and now think it is worth money (which it probably is)... but bathroom plans? That's rather ridiculous.

Hope everything shapes up with the new house soon!