Thursday, July 3, 2008

poor planning

We have horrible timing. We both have (or had, I should say) fairly random schedules: as a grad student I could pretty much set my own hours, and Partner had a non-regular work week. So we took off on Tuesdays and had random weeknights free. Yet somehow we always ended up going out on Fridays, and wondering why there were so many people around.

This trend has not improved with Partner's (temporary?) unemployment and my pre-employment break: we moved out of City on Memorial Day, and are now planning to head out of SLAC-town tomorrow. I also made the mistake of trying to go to the bank this afternoon, where the manager eventually took those of us without business transactions to another desk. I have yet to figure out why my subconscious decides that public holidays are the best days to move (they really aren't), or why my schedule randomly comes around to "oh, this day would be the best day to do X. Oh shit, that's *random public holiday involving high gas prices and no services*".

I'm going to have to start actually paying attention.

Also, I'm hoping there's a laundromat open tomorrow. I don't think T wants her sheets back if we don't get to go...maybe we'll leave on Saturday if it's closed (it couldn't be closed TWO days in a row, could it..?)

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