Tuesday, July 8, 2008

still July

So only two months after I looked at the swathe of summer and thought, "I can get all kinds of things done!" I'm finally starting to get things done, think about the class I'll be teaching, etc. I'm not working hard by any means, but it's a step forward.

I also got my first email from a student; they wanted to know what we'll be reading so they can get a head start. Really? Man, when I was in college I was a total nerd, and even I didn't want to do the reading three months early. I almost want to make them write some kind of essay illustrating that they spent time having fun over the summer...while they still have summers to enjoy!

One question answered: will my students be needy and grade-obsessed? Most likely.


T said...

They don't want to get a head start on the reading... they want to get a head start on the book buying. The students seem to think that the bookstore is overpriced and like time to shop around to save money (sometimes pennies) on the books. It's kind of a phenomenon, the money saving.

Unless you have some real dorks - totally possible.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Aha, so they're lying to me already. :) How many of them are actually paying for their own books?