Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally, I am somebody

Partner thinks I'm a little ridiculous, because I tend to get really excited about small details and am comparatively calm when it comes to huge life-altering events, like getting my Ph.D.

So I guess this gets filed under "ridiculous" as well, but tonight I did my very first load of laundry in my new washer/dryer in my very own house, even while wearing pajamas. I was so excited I took pictures.

I'll spare you the action shot (oh yes, I took action shots). In my defense I've been lusting after my own laundry equipment for several years, and finally buying these and putting them in my house makes me feel more like an adult and an actual home-owner than anything else so far. I mean, I'm still paying someone else a pile of money every month to get to live somewhere, even if it is a large step forward in quality and size.

I'm also quite impressed by the leaps and bounds made in washers and dryers while I was off using the quarter machines. These things don't have load settings, they figure out how much water or drying time is needed all by themselves. I am amazed. And will end my laundry talk before I have more people questioning my sanity.


Candid Engineer said...

Fun! Owning your own home sounds wonderful, and at least you're not throwing your rent out the window. Can't wait to get an awesome washer/dryer one of these days myself. I'm currently working with a dinky stackable unit that can handle about 5 pieces of clothes.

Kristin said...

LOL Myself, I could spend hours, literally, watching the laundry tumble in the washer. (I think it promotes some kind of zen or something). Enjoy! (Especially enjoy knowing your water/electric usage will be SOOOOOO much lower than if you had a standard top loader.

--elf-- said...

Being able to do laundry for free (well, at least, without quarters) at all hours is a Big Deal in my book, since it affects daily quality of life! I am eagerly looking forward to being a grown up and having my own washer/dryer some day!

Liberal Arts Lady said...

CA - Oh yeah, I know I'm spending my money more wisely with a mortgage, but it certainly feels like the same arrangement. ;)

kristin - I was leaning front-loader but wasn't sure, until I found out that they use a minimum of 1/3 less water than a top-loader (often a difference of 10-15 gallons instead of 40-50!); after that there was no way I could consider a top-loader. So far (ya know, since last night) I'm happy with it.

elf - I'm glad I'm not the only one putting laundry at the top of her "quality of life" list! Good luck getting there, it's certainly nice to appreciate these things once we get them, I guess!