Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have an office! With a lock and a computer (ok, well, a computer without a network connection) and furniture. Sweet. I admit that I will use that office more often once the network connection is functional.

Today we hauled the giant pile of boxes that were my "office stuff" over to the office, providing us with a much emptier front room. Who knew I had so much office stuff? Also, make friends with the warehouse guys, because they can get you stuff. Awesome stuff.

There's a lot of "stuff" in that paragraph.

Otherwise, I should be working more but am largely just taking advantage of the last remnants of pre-semester freedom. And watching (or sometimes even helping) as Partner makes amazing progress on things like establishing a compost pile, putting up a (collapsible and removable! it spins! I am still obsessed with laundry!) laundry line, and priming the back bedroom for the most amazing paint job this house has ever seen (I assume this because the previous residents had heinous taste. I know very little about color, and even I can tell that they sucked).

This weekend there will be another trip to the hardware store. And maybe I'll even do something work-related. Or go camping.

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