Saturday, September 6, 2008

the first year...conferences?

I should probably wait and see how I handle the first few months of this job (and, getting a paycheck would be good, too) before I start to plan my travel. But I'm starting to plan the year and I'm torn:

I'm so far going to Big National Conference in my field this fall, and debating about other options for additional travel.

Option #1 is a conference I've always wanted to get to but never managed to because it's held during my prime field season time; this year I'm not going into the field, so I was thinking maybe I'd try to submit for Option #1. However, I'm not sure I'll actually have the time to get a decent presentation together, and I'll probably have enough going on in the late fall/early winter.

Option #2 is a spring conference in a field that isn't really mine, or exactly my subfield either, yet I work with a lot of people in this field and my work is relevant to theirs. It's usually more useful for networking than presenting or learning new things.

Option #3 is an international conference in my subfield, which will include a workshop on an awesome method that I have no experience using. Downside is it falls toward the end of the spring semester and will be expensive.

I'm assuming that I'm crazy to even consider four conferences during my first year as an assistant professor. I'm killing all my allocated travel funds with the conference I'm definitely attending in the fall, so cost may help me decide. I'm leaning toward Option #3 only, but I have time to figure it out.

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