Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love Wednesday

I think I've finally gotten myself into functional schedule. I'm teaching one class with two lab sections this term, lectures M/W/F mornings and labs T/Th afternoons. While I'd eventually like to have a whole day for research, this is fine for now and makes me structure my time a little bit more than I would have to with a full "free"'s good for really cutting the chord between grad life (where I often woke up at 10 am and worked late) and real life (where I get up at 7:30 and that's probably later than most).

The repeated lab section on Thursday means that I have minimal prep work to do on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

I really like Wednesdays.

I should probably be using this afternoon as research time, even though I'm tempted to get ahead for Friday so I'm not prepping lecture all day on Thursday. But I am getting better at using small chunks of time productively - like this morning when I spent the one free hour before my lecture working on a revision. Except that I tried to finish a figure and ended up having to run to lecture. Then I had to come back to my office for my Powerpoint, which I had forgotten.

I guess now I just need to get better at the transitions between teaching and research. They never talk about that part at the faculty development meetings.

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