Monday, September 15, 2008

in which I complain about things that I should have expected

My chair, while a very nice person, has been assuming that I know all kinds of things, even though I specifically told him that I was not provided with an official mentor of any kind and really have no other source of discovering things like how to use the printer shared by all the faculty in the building. I really want to ask him why he finds my ignorance surprising (because he really seems to).

I have also apparently been left off of a semi-critical faculty email list, leading to complete ignorance regarding faculty meetings and campus events. And again, I'm supposed to magically know who I should have contacted. Blah.

I got my first "Mrs." from a student today, via email. It had to happen eventually, I suppose.

I officially feel old.

I wanted to do a food demo today, but couldn't get the food in question to do what its packaging states it will do (namely, become food), and therefore I have to go buy more of it tonight and see if I can force it to do my bidding by tomorrow morning.

Even with all that, I'm enjoying this gig so far. My students are pretty cool. And ask questions that start with "isn't it also true that..." and "how do you know that..." Pretty sweet for intro level.

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