Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm using the course management system Moodle for my current class...I was reluctant at first, because it's not very pretty or customizable, but it was easier than getting a separate web page set up before the start of the term. And now I'm becoming a convert, because it tells me when the students signed on and what they looked at. Awesome. So now, when the slacker who left my lab an hour early without even looking at the second half of the assignment claims that he couldn't find the background materials, I can pull up his Moodle history and show him that he hasn't even logged on this week. And I will also know who's doing the reading ten minutes before class.

I think this is the same voyeuristic side of me that enjoys wasting time on Facebook coming out during the workday.

In life news, we finally joined a gym a few weeks ago - having regular access has made life much better. Stress levels are down compared to August, even with the whole job thing.

House painting has progressed in stages into another room -- we need to cover the ceiling in the office, and for that we have to wait for additional paychecks. But painting of walls can continue. Yesterday Partner discovered that the ceiling in Bedroom #2 (eventually to be the one we use, because it's back off the street and farther from the associated noise) was wallpapered, then painted. A long, long time ago. Who does that?

In a week things get more hectic - for some reason I'm going to my college reunion, and then big fall conference. I should be getting ahead...instead I'll probably be watching Flight of the Conchords, season one.

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T said...

My favorite aspect of moodle: the students who swear they've done all the reading when it's only available online and I can see that they haven't logged onto Moodle since a few days after class started. I also like it when I can start to figure out who's friends with who: a few minutes after the first student notices that I've posted test grades, it's clear that an email/im/facebook update has gone out and suddenly all at once swarms of kids know to check...