Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Just in time for the start of the semester, my laptop is giving me warning signs of impending doom. During a workshop this summer it decided to flash the "hard drive not found" message, causing a minor panic until a few reboots brought it back to life. This wouldn't have been so alarming if my external drive hadn't been in storage...and then since things seemed back to normal I of course didn't bother digging it out. Yesterday the 'y' button decided to take on a life of its own, alternately demanding input so that my tyyyyyyyypyyyying looked like thyyyyyyyyyyisyyyyyyyy...and then refusing to work at all. That has also miraculously healed itself, but today I dragged out the external drive and backed up the small amount of work that got done over this summer.

C'mon laptop, you can survive! You're only 1.5 years old! Gimme a break!

I dislike the college computer policy, which makes me log on to their network in order to use my office desktop. This would be no big deal if I had a functional connection, but they have yet to provide me with that. Or a phone. They're lucky I shell out for decent internet access at home (well, I'm an addict, so there's no chance I wouldn't pay for it at home, but still..)

I finally have a drivers license for New State. And as usual I love my license photo more than most photos of me; I'm apparently never as photogenic as I am after taking a written exam, sitting in front of a colored cloth.

And there goes the summer.


Karina said...

My laptop has been having "strokes." I'm hoping it will hold out for at least another month. It is almost 4 years old though. Good luck!

Liberal Arts Lady said...

I did think that I would get at least 2, and maybe 3 years out of it! So far it's holding strong...I guess I can stay optimistic. :)