Thursday, October 9, 2008

the awesome

Home again home again, just in time to write a lecture for tomorrow. Or half of one, at the moment. Hmm. Maybe we'll do something "interactive." Yeah, that's it.

I love meetings. Particularly those most relevant to my actual work, where I get to meet famous scientists and feel relevant to my subfield community. I always come back jazzed up for science, and I hope that feeling will stick around for a few weeks and inspire me to actually start doing those early professorship things like contacting potential collaborators, ordering stuff for my lab and writing grants (or at least making a list of the grants I should be applying for!). I have no more excuses for not having started these things, and I should do them now! I really need this kind of re-invigoration every three months or so, but since that would be economically disastrous I guess it's ok that I get it at least once or twice a year.

On my way home I got to trade my seat on my final connecting flight for a free round-trip ticket, and ended up getting home only an hour later than I was originally scheduled to arrive. Awesome. This significantly lightens the financial burden of December, when I am obligated to fly far far away in order to visit my parents. With a free ticket Partner will get to come, and it will be his first visit to that part of the country, his first significant visit with my parents (after many years of being together, he's spent a total of maybe two days with my family) and our first trip anywhere together in quite a while (moving from City to Small Town just doesn't count as quality time). Hooray!

I started reading Advice for New Faculty Members by Robert Boice. I've heard conflicting opinions from other people - so far the language seems unnecessarily heavy but otherwise it looks quite useful. Two chapters in, anyway. Maybe I'll get a chance to finish it before the advice is no longer relevant.

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Karina said...

I love meetings too! Well, I've only been to one, but I loved the one I went to over the summer and it was huge. I got inspired too, and I loved meeting new and old friends. Go get those grants!