Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's almost time to spend a lot of someone else's money. Any advice out there on saving cash when outfitting a new lab? I'm talkin' basic fisher-sci type stuff. Nothing fancy on the money-saving end of things.

It's finally colder. I love fall.

Re: lab sinks -- there's a possibility of extending faucet heights. Which will pretty much solve the problem, if not provide ideal working conditions.

New in the land of teaching: my students most likely hate me now that most of them have, let's say, done not so well on their midterm. Classic new proffie mistake, isn't it, to make things too difficult? Hmm. Time was short, apparently, and I'm also learning that timed exams are not the norm here. Which I find strange, but not strange enough to want to do untimed exams. I consider the ability to get it done in the time frame provided to be part of the test. Ah well. Curves exist for a reason.

Due to my recent conference travel, these kids had weeks to complete their last assignment. Still, I'm not surprised to be getting emails right now asking how to do it, now that it's due tomorrow. Am I being too nice when I write them back?

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