Friday, October 24, 2008

kids of the present and future

A few people have pointed out this article, which essentially answers a question I asked a while ago concerning mothers who need to do fieldwork with their kids (I'm not planning, I'm just wondering).

I'm both impressed by the snowshoeing-with-the-baby and dissatisfied that the short answer seems to be "do short trips with help". I guess the short answer for myself, should I ever need one, would be "get a local field area". Which should probably happen anyway, but it seems like giving up somehow.

I wonder about these things primarily because my research occurs largely as part of a team, in places that require airplanes and foreign languages. I've seen people bring their kids into situations like this, but they were almost always the sole PI of whatever project they were working on, and they often had a preexisting local support network of project staff and their relatives. Which is also great, but not exactly my situation.

I shouldn't even been worrying about this right now, but it is current blog fodder.

In other news?

I voted early and love being done with "my part" in this election season. I can't deal with the snarky back-and-forth (good thing I don't watch TV) and I cannot wait for the political ads to disappear. I get to just sit back with my popcorn on the 4th and see how things play out.

I finished a revision draft today, which if approved by my co-author would leave me with NO OUTSTANDING REVISIONS. Imagine. Unless my submitted article comes back with reviews soon (I wouldn't be surprised).

This weekend: lots of kids in vans driving out to see exciting things. My first field trip, organized and arranged and scheduled by me. Wish us luck!

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