Monday, October 27, 2008

in which I was not aware of the commentary

Piggybacking on recent articles regarding motherhood and fieldwork, I was made aware of this book and the related blog, contributing to the general discussion of academia and parenthood. Not a direct answer to my particular concern, but relevant.

I've also been reading Advice for New Faculty Members, and my opinion has gone downhill as I've gotten farther into it. This book is written for kindergarten students, except for all the overblown vocabulary. Every other page I want to yell at the author to STOP REPEATING HIMSELF because I GET IT. I get it already! I don't need your list of methodology every five seconds! Gah!

I've stopped reading, because I was getting so frustrated, and now I'm just skimming for useful content. Which does exist, because I am definitely guilty of some of the negative practices discussed (like being afraid of pausing in class...however, I am NOT going to lead a class meditation. Are you kidding me?). The author's attitude is so condescending that I'm surprised the book is so popular. If you need to reread the same crap every chapter, you must have gotten to your current faculty position through plagiarism and blatant cheating. Aren't we supposed to be good at making connections and remembering shit? Damn.

Hah, apparently this blog may be traveling a downward spiral into vulgar vocabulary. Fuck it.

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