Wednesday, October 29, 2008

potty mouth

I've been cursing in front of my students. Not in lecture, where I generally have a fairly good filter, but in out-of-lecture situations such as lab and field trip settings. And not in anger or in exclamation, but in the sense of a calm statement of disgruntlement like, "now what the fuck is wrong with you, computer number three?" or I might refer to a particular situation as "bullshit." When I catch myself I apologize, and the student involved usually just laughs at me, but I'm trying to keep it from becoming a habit and I just can't seem to stop. I'm wondering how much they really care, and whether I'll have comments on my end-of-term reviews about "swearing in lab" (I don't do it ALL the time. It just happens once in a while).

Regardless, I'm wondering how I get myself to keep the same filter that I manage to use in a lecture setting. Maybe I need to create a penalty for myself. No dessert? Actually, no gym time as a penalty would probably do the trick. I tend to go crazy when denied adequate exercise.


Shannon said...

Maybe you have to stop swearing altogether. oh noes!

Liberal Arts Lady said...

What!? Now you're just talking crazy.