Friday, October 10, 2008

stinkin sink

My lab is finally almost done. Well it's the building of it, actually, that is almost done, which means the buying of stuff still has to happen, but at least I can start doing that!

It's actually a nice space; big windows, plenty of electricity/counter space/cabinets. Big enough that I will be able to put a small table in there and it won't get in the way. Plenty of room for people to spread out and use different equipment at well-dispersed "stations" that I have invented in my head; or we can have a bunch of groups doing projects at once. However, there is one problem.

They had done most of the construction this week while I was gone, and today I find that the sinks I requested are where I wanted them, but they are tiny. They're not even real-sink-sized, much less lab-sink-sized. I was never asked specifically about sinks, and had assumed that they knew what a lab sink was.

Shit. It's one of those "I can live with it but it will be inconvenient" kind of's not like I really need super huge sinks. But it would be nice to actually fit glassware into the sink while washing it. I doubt it will be changeable, unless I want to pony up out of my startup.

Eh. Maybe I'll just make my students do all the dishes.

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