Saturday, October 4, 2008

too early

Conference time, far to early. I'm having money stress, after my first paycheck failed to cover the backlog of summer expenses that, while stress-inducing, were not unexpected given the lack of paychecks between May 15th and September 31st. Maybe I should have gotten a retail job in the meantime. And maybe I should give myself a few months to get my financial feet back under me before I panic, but I am prone to anxiety about things like this. My laptop has also decided that it will no longer function off of battery power, which makes me worry for the immediate future of my primary work machine.

So conference time is causing more stress, as I will presumably (but not assuredly) receive some funds from SLAC to cover this travel, yet have to put it up myself for now. And I'm trying to remember when I've ever had to pay $55 for taxi fare before today (maybe I've just been lucky so far...). I also don't appreciate getting past-due notices from our digital cable provider, when they never sent us a bill in the first place.

But that's for Partner to deal with this week, since I'm sitting in a far away city trying to motivate myself to actually write the talk I have to give in a few days. I have my predictable pre-conference cold, which prevents a stress-relief run. How else can I blow off steam if I can't drink or go running?

I should be feeling good, since this week I finally submitted a manuscript revision that has honestly been the most frustrating bullshit ever, now several years in the making (everyone who shared my grad school office knows of the infamous flaky co-author). But it's decent, and it's done, and I can now stop hating said co-author, who is a good person if not a good writer of papers (there are a lot of people in this world I would have liked a lot better if I had never had to work with them).

I'm hoping this foul mood can be dealt with and I can actually enjoy seeing people and learning things over the next few days.


EcoGeoFemme said...

Huh. There's a conference I wish I were attending that starts today. I wonder if it's the one you're at...

Liberal Arts Lady said...

mayhaps. joint meetings are pretty awesome.