Saturday, November 1, 2008


How is it NOVEMBER!?

I spent much of yesterday being paraded in front of important people in an effort to raise cash for SLAC, then went to a neighbor's Halloween party. I think I was more social over that fourteen-hour period than I have been in maybe two months; it was nice but exhausting.

I also had my first pangs of grad-school-sickness (ya know, like homesickness. but for grad school) after calling my old officemate yesterday afternoon. We needed to talk about a conference session we're trying to put together, but ended up chatting long enough that she had to hang up and head to the Friday afternoon happy hour. Since I was waiting around to attend more fancy-pants schmoozefest events, I was very jealous -- I haven't had a rowdy Friday afternoon drinks-and-dinner since I left City!

Life goes on; but I'm not the only one being productive. Partner has been working hard on winterizing, fixing the garage roof, and redoing the bedrooms - two bedrooms have had their walls repaired/painted, radiators cleaned and painted, etc. One still needs a new ceiling. The other is finished except for some moulding, and is now our bedroom. It used to be a kid's room, which we had been calling the "lady bug room"

Now it's very cozy and perfect for sleeping (I might keep it even after the master bedroom is painted):

We bought matching fans for all the bedrooms, which will replace disasters like this one:

This photo also illustrates why some of the ceilings need work. Damn you, popcorn!

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Shannon said...

The room looks great! Excellent color choice and I think the brown curtains were a good call. Good work, partner. :)