Tuesday, November 11, 2008

holiday frustration

Want to guarantee a ruined morning full of stress and residual frustration? Try to call United Airlines with the following request:

Buy two plane tickets, one using a free voucher, one using frequent flyer miles, on the same reservation, during the holidays. Also, the two people flying do not live near a major airport and don't have the same family name.

It was my particular luck to get an especially incompetent employee who just repeated herself instead of answering my questions, and then refused to transfer me to her supervisor until I INSISTED. And then she came back on the line to ask me Partner's name, which I refused to give her and instead said that I wanted to speak to her SUPERVISOR damn it. Eventually I just hung up, called back and asked to speak to the people who do the vouchers, which was much more effective. I probably should have stayed on the line long enough to get the incompetent employee's name, but I was too angry at that point. Good news for her, I'm sure.

Now, barring postal issues in getting my voucher to United, we have two tickets for an extended stay in Far Away State for Xmas, even if we're not flying the exact times or dates that we would have preferred. This trip may or may not end up being good for my mental health, but it will be a change of scenery at the very least.


T said...

Ah, United. I repeatedly called them to ask about the cost of traveling with our dog. Consistently got the same answer. Was told at the airport that their answer was $100 off - in their favor. I protested at the airport, wrote complaint letters, and filed with the BBB. Their response? Since they've started outsourcing their call centers, this happens a lot, but it's the company that handles their outsourcing who's to blame, not them.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

That's the lamest answer I've ever heard. If you have someone handling your outsourcing, it's your job to make sure they handle it correctly.

I can't complain too much, assuming everything works out. $1200 worth of airline tickets for $35 ain't bad.