Sunday, November 9, 2008

a schedule

The holidays suddenly appeared, in grocery stores and commercials and on a few local houses as well. So...are we just going to come up with one word for post-Halloween pre-New Years? It would simplify things, since everyone is apparently going to put up trees on November 1st regardless. And my students have hit a precipitous downward slide in both lecture attendance and quality of work.

It's been a good weekend - it started out pretty well with a Friday night coffee meeting, where I hashed out a grant outline and job allotments with a new collaborator. I'm really happy about this one as it's the kind of thing SLAC really likes yet will require less than huge amounts of work from us both in grant writing and in carrying out the plan if it does get funded.

Saturday I didn't work too hard, wrote the majority of my lab for this coming week but mostly procrastinated and went to the gym, which permitted a Mexican feast with real strawberry margaritas. Today I turned domestic, and after another good workout did some laundry (whee!),cleaning and grading. I even made dinner AND dessert. I have guilt sometimes that I don't do as much of the around-the-house stuff as I could, so it's nice to get in a good day's worth of domestic activity.

Tomorrow I hope to get more of last week's to-do list finished, and maybe make the phone call I've been promising to make for well over a week now. I might also get back some potentially cool preliminary results. And I have another, yet unrelated, coffee-with-potential-collaborator meeting to attend. I'm feeling potential in the air. I sometimes like pre-collaboration better than actually doing the work!

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