Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving adventures

We went to visit Partner's family for Thanksgiving (since they are within driving distance and my family is not). This was also mini-Xmas, since we'll be visiting my family over actual Xmas. Confusing, a little. But it is nice to get things for Thanksgiving.

The first night we were there we stayed up talking, and then decided to shower and get things organized after other people had gone to bed. We discovered too late that the guest shower was broken, producing only cold water. So our shower turned into a cup-and-bucket bath using water from the sinks, which isn't half bad and something I've done before, just not in North America. One point to this holiday for adding one more thing I'd never done before to my life list.

Turkey day = potatoes/stuffing/soup/pie day for us, not being meat-eaters. But it was still far too much and food coma ensued. With birthday cake for dessert, since that's something else we'll be missing during our Xmas trip. See how confusing this is?

Friday we made the mistake of shopping in the early afternoon - for food, primarily, and hardware. But it was still a bit crazy out there. And today we made the trek home, to discover that the cat left us poopy presents on the rug - one for each day we were gone. I'm assuming this was her retribution, and not an illness. We'll keep our eye on the carpet for the next few days and find out which - if it's retribution that means all the rugs will have to be stored away pre-Xmas trip!

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