Wednesday, January 7, 2009

academic christmas

I spent my afternoon unpacking boxes and boxes of lab goodies, the result of the first chunk of my spending on supplies and equipment. I think I did pretty well for the most part - I ordered one box of the wrong size glassware, but can use them anyway, and ordered another piece of equipment one size larger than I thought I was buying. But, for this particular item too big is better than too small, and the price difference between the sizes isn't that significant. Everything else looks good - not a bad track record for my first go-round. My lab is finally starting to look like a place of science instead of a big empty space full of counters.

On the down side, I spent my time unpacking instead of preparing for the rest of my week, and now I'm going to be running after deadlines until Friday. A grant proposal suddenly needs to be cut down significantly, I haven't written a syllabus yet even though I need it tomorrow, and I still don't know my students' names. Also, my internet is crapping out on me. Not cool, internet.

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