Friday, January 16, 2009

bits and pieces

My first term started out hectic, as expected, but it was somehow better than this one. Maybe I didn't do enough prep prior to the actual start of classes, but this term has just steamrolled over me and I'm just now getting some breathing room. Also, note to self, don't plan weekend events during the first week of term in the future.

Other random things occurring recently:

- we got our digital converter box, just for the heck of it really, since we don't even watch TV. But we suddenly get many more channels AND no more snow! Who knew this digital thing was such a good idea?

- Partner is painting the upstairs hallway, transforming a claustrophobic green space into an inviting sand-colored passage. Hooray for paint!

- I have my first student advisee (well, co-, as she's primarily working under someone else). Hopefully I don't fuck up her project for her.

- A mini-grant is in, and a manuscript is in press. 2009 starting out strong.

- Some serious winter cold has created a strange 15-degree difference between upstairs and down in our house. I'm ok with being warmer in my bedroom, but that seems like a pretty drastic range. I guess it has something to do with radiators and old houses? The old, "heat rises" seems to not quite cut it as far as explanation.

- It's cold, yo. Very cold.

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EcoGeoFemme said...

I had the same experience going from analog to digital with our new tv. It's amazing!

Good luck getting back into the groove.