Thursday, January 22, 2009

problems, they get solved

Partner has been a very patient, tolerant and supportive man. When I was in grad school he let me drag him to City, which he hated, where he was forced to work retail, which he hated. He left his job last May to be homeless with me for a few months, and then he moved into the house I bought here in Small Town, where he has been a very patient, tolerant and supportive man while he did my laundry and grocery shopping and painted the walls. Meanwhile we've had very little excess cash and he was feeling guilty for not contributing, despite my assertions that if anyone should feel guilty it should be me since I'm the one who dragged him here.

February begins stage two, wherein Partner has a REAL JOB, one with good pay and good benefits as well as potentially interesting and satisfying career potential. He'll be commuting slightly father than even we had expected, at 1.5 hours one-way. That's the down side. But I hope that he can find something to do with those hours in the car, and that if he's doing this long-term we can (and with a second salary we should be able to) get him a car that does not guzzle fuel at quite the same rate as our current vehicles.

Hooray for potential, even if it is a bit early to say how feasible this arrangement might be. Even if it turns out to be something he doesn't want to pursue, this will make life a whole lot less stressful in the short term.


Dana said...

Congratulations! As someone in a similar circumstance I totally understand how exciting this is. Even if it doesn't end up working out, it's something!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Congratulations to Partner! I hope it works out well.