Saturday, January 3, 2009

starting out sour

I think my resolution for 2009 should probably be a combination of "stop whining," "stop being so negative," and "stop letting things get under my skin."

- To the crazy person I occasionally encounter at the gym: you can't just walk away from your machine or bench and then walk up to whoever is using it five minutes later and say "I was using that!" Maybe you live in a magical fantasyland where other people can read your mind, but I've never visted.

To myself: the fact that an obviously not-quite-there (even if he is slightly intimidating) person insisting that I switch benches actually bothers me is probably a sign that I need to relax a little and work on my overdeveloped fairness complex.

- To all the newbies showing up at the gym this weekend to start their New Year's Resolutions: while I am all for your movement toward health it annoys the crap out of me when you take my favorite equipment and spend ten extra minutes on it trying to figure out how it works. There should be some sort of "new people" section to save those of us who just want to get in their dailies and get outta there. Also, please wear pants that will not dislodge themselves when you use the exercise bikes. Especially if you think you might not notice this happening.

To myself: I obviously need to work on a little empathy and goodwill, or something. My tolerance for strangers has dropped precipitously over the past two years. How does one revive their ability to give a crap about humanity in general?

- To my students, who will be under my control once again as of next week: I hope you have low expectations for the first day of class, because I haven't actually done the readings yet or even decided what to put on the syllabus. I promise, as requested, to try to be more clear about grading methods, but I suspect I'm doomed because I'll be using a largely participation-based grading system this time, and I know how much you hate that.

To myself: Get organized already!

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