Monday, February 9, 2009

it's the little things that drive you up the wall

I'm thinking I'm going to have eighteen billion Seniors requesting independent studies with me before the end of the year. All because I'm teaching that software package course but am only offering intro this year, and several of them want to keep going. And that's cool, but I'm already kinda swamped. Yikes.

I finally got around to emailing the editor of the journal that I submitted an article to back in August. You'd think I would have gotten at least one status update before now, but I ain't heard shit and the status on the author page hasn't changed. Grrr.

Other article is in press. Hooray!

So stuff is off my plate but I haven't really been writing recently. That's bad, and I should fix it. But I'm tempted to wait for this summer's field seasons before I try to outline papers that may or may not end up being written the way I think I want to write them. Blah. If only this stupid submission would come back and give me something to edit...

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