Friday, March 13, 2009


Why do grant deadlines always fall in the middle of the month? And right at the beginning of spring break, which not only doesn't let us work on the grant over break but requires that the grant get submitted just when we're giving exams and administrators are taking off for a week? Small grant #2 for this year will probably be in on time, but there's still a lot of back-and-forth to be done between myself, my co-PI and the grant coordinator.

Sunday I hope to head out to City, eat way too much and sit around for a few days, shop and celebrate life events with some good friends, and have some fun. Then I will head back to Small Town, meet with various vendors of expensive equipment, potentially buy some of that expensive equipment, test some lab methods that I'll need to use in April, visit a local field site, set up my lab for class, get estimates on some roof work that needs to be done on our garage, buy plane tickets for summer fieldwork, write an internal grant proposal, start getting gear together for summer fieldwork, visit Partner's family for a few days (probably - unless Partner ends up having to work), and dive back into the term. Spring Break! Er...Woot?

Although - I still have today and tomorrow before I get to think about being on break, so I shouldn't be jumping the gun!

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