Thursday, March 5, 2009


I think there have been a lot of highs and lows lately. That, or I'm being overly emotional and getting myself all worked up for no good reason over things that I should chill out about.

Startup funding snafus have been cleared up to my satisfaction, and I am admittedly quite relieved. The attitude of most people at SLAC (in which we are all a happy family, even when we aren't) kinda makes me feel bad for mistrusting administration and allowing myself to stress over a potentially simple misunderstanding. But then my common sense snaps me out of that mood and reminds me that I need to be looking out for myself.

The students in my software class are finishing up a big project, and revealing their inner awesomeness. Several of them are going way beyond the requirements of the project just because they think it's cool. And then there's the kid who takes one look at his dataset and gives up because it doesn't look exactly the way he wants it to. Can't win them all over, I guess.

I get to buy some fancy toys and do more playing outside pretty soon, which makes me happy, and an annoying coworker is going to be gone for at least the short term, which makes me even happier. Spring is looking up!

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