Monday, March 9, 2009

saving daylight

It took me a few minutes this morning to figure out why it was so friggin dark at 6:30. Was it raining? Oh...right.

Today we got mail (from Partner's family) addressed to Me and Partner Partnerslastname. I'm not sure what I think about that. Mostly, I'm surprised that it's starting before we even get married.

I might be making a quick trip down to City to celebrate with various people who have recently gotten jobs and tenure. Which is even more super awesome than normal job-getting, considering the state of the job market right now. Multiple times this year I've thought, man I'm so glad I graduated LAST spring.

If I go to City, I am so buying piles of spring/summer clothes. And I'm going to Whole Foods, also, in between eating at good restaurants. Poor Partner has to work. I should probably stop talking about all the food and shopping in City - a nice place to visit, but I'm glad I no longer live there!


T said...

I get that, too, and marriage is barely-not-even-on-the-table with us. It's simply an indication that they can't remember/were too lazy to look up the spelling of your last name. Are you changing your last name?

Liberal Arts Lady said...

It's inevitable, most likely -- I don't think it's intentionally pushing a name-change (or is it?), though I do have a friend whose inlaws are always addressing mail that way just because they WISH she had changed her name.

I don't plan to change mine, but the current compromise states that any future babies will be Parterslastnames. Which I'm pretty ok with - I find it hard to come up with a really good compromise given societal expectations/family issues. I do know a couple who both changed their last name, but I don't have any good ideas for a new one and I don't think that would go over very well. Maybe I'll post about this sometime.