Sunday, March 22, 2009

suck it

I've been a shitty blogger recently - a lot going on, but nothing all that exciting, and sometimes I try to avoid being a whiny little brat in here...though venting is usually the primary use for the blog! A little brain-dump sometimes helps me get some sleep, at the very least.

We are back from visiting Partner's family, which was preceeded by a trip to City, wherein I remembered that I actually like Small Town quite a bit in comparison except for the lack of clothing stores. So I bought some clothes before coming home, and all is well.

Most of the recent conversation has circled around the issue of what to do with Partner's money now that he has a good job - we accumulated a decent list when we had nothing to spare, and now it's time to prioritize. Things we need include: roof work, a non-gas-guzzler for Partner to drive, student loan payments, savings, a couch (does this count as a need? I think it should. We still use a futon, and it has seen better days). Things we want start with a decent desktop computer for home and some money for wedding planning, and they go on from there. I suck at prioritizing.

Break is almost over, and what have I accomplished? Not enough. One of my vendors cancelled on me and I didn't do anything useful while traveling. I did, however, get to visit a local field area with the person who knows the most about it, and I'm now very excited about some work I'll do this spring. I think I even know exactly what gear I need to purchase to get it done. It will be experimental, but I think it will be good. Tomorrow I get to test-drive some microscopes. Sweet.

Also, I just noticed that it's almost April, which means I have to take some students to a conference, arrange travel for a May workshop, and really start thinking about summer fieldwork. I think I need another spring break.