Tuesday, March 24, 2009

to the starting line

I'm taking a few students to a regional meeting next week, just for shits - and since they got funding, why not. One of them wrote me today to ask what they should wear, correctly assuming that pajama pants are not ok as conference attire. At least they know that much! I'm hoping that isn't going to be a problem...I shouldn't have to worry about students owning real pants, should I?

Today was my last day of freedom, so I did some important things like getting oil changed and meeting with a roofer. A ridiculous roofer. Quote #1, I doubt that you will make the cut, and not just because you insisted that you "only use commercial grade" materials, which incidentally are very expensive. No, it may have more to do with the fact that you referred to me as "hon" repeatedly, and spent almost as much time pointing out all the things (non roof-related) that are wrong with my house as you did looking at the roof you were supposed to be quoting us for. I am actually aware that the storm door needs to be fixed, thanks. And yes, I know that the wetness indicates a leaky roof - that would be why I called you in the first place. Finishing your visit with "God bless!" might not be unexpected in these parts, but it was the icing on the cake. I guess I should have expected this sort of thing from the get-go, since your secretary asked me for my Husband's Name when I first called you. Why that might be relevant, I have no idea, but I can think of a few reasons why that might be a bad thing to ask. Maybe you guys are so overworked that you don't need non-Christian, female, gay or unmarried business...great for you, I guess.

I have 1/3 of a lecture for tomorrow, and I'm thinking that maybe that's enough for the first day after break? Why do I feel burned out already!?

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Eric Reuter said...

Yeah...should've asked him if he would have taken the job on the Death Star. A real woofer should know better.