Monday, April 20, 2009

excuses excuses

Well kiddos, I realize that it's 4/20, but I really think you could have made it to my 1:30 class and held off on the smoking until later. As it was, half of you missed, and too bad for you. One of you even came up with the oh-so-convincing "I'm going to a neighbor's funeral" - dude, just skip class if it means that much to you. It's not like I didn't notice what day it was, or that you've given me "funeral" excuses in every class you've taken with me this year. You might want to cut back on that from now on - how many more family members do you have?

In other news, teaching a computer-based course that requires me to provide help to seated students makes it all the more apparent that undergrads don't shower as often as I might want them to. I might start giving out some Head & Shoulders bottles with graded assignments. Not a huge problem, but something I hadn't really noticed as much before teaching this particular course.

The one thing that kinda bugs me about SLAC - students can withdraw from classes fairly late in the term. My computer course is also only 1/2 credit, which makes it an add-on to most students' schedules and not their priority. And since they can just withdraw later on, why not? I get a dozen emails at the beginning of the term from students begging to be let into the course, but I don't have room for them, and then I end up with empty seats because people don't feel like putting in the effort. Can't be helped, but I wish students got more than a "W" on their transcript for pulling that crap.

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