Monday, April 27, 2009

highs and lows

I had a crappy weekend. Saturday was a wash, as I crashed and did nothing useful. I had to cancel a field trip due to weather, which was annoying. I also found out that different companies treat $10,000-worth of purchases in very different ways, and that some apparently feel it's ok to just ship you a box full of your expensive stuff and call it done. Personally, I prefer the company whose representative brought me my expensive stuff. Much nicer.

This morning made up for it, as I found an email in my inbox from a Highly Venerated Retired Scientist in my field, complimenting me on a paper that just came out and asking some questions related to the methods we used. The fact that I can totally answer those questions and/or have the same questions myself makes it even more ego-boosting. Thank you HVRS, for making my entire Monday (and, maybe, my week...we'll see!).

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