Tuesday, May 12, 2009

boob tube

We don't really watch TV, though I've mentioned that we got an HD converter box. I mostly like to be able to keep track of weather events in the area - and ironically enough I recently learned that the digital signal SUCKS during severe weather. So there goes that excuse.

Last night we finished Deadwood Season 2 (hooray Netflix) and I was in a "I just want to lie on the couch" kind of mood, so I thought I'd see what was on "TV". It turns out that "TV" is a place where women are objectified and demeaned every five minutes (I know, I'm really out of the loop, aren't I?) - I was a little shocked, as a non-TV-watcher, that this shit was on NBC and CBS and whatever other major channel, and that I wasn't watching reruns from the 90's. Are we really still living in the feminism stone age? Damn. And I had managed to forget, by not watching TV.

I was particularly disgusted by something called "Deal or No Deal," and while I still haven't really figured out how the game WORKS, WTF is up with those rows of identical Cylon ladies in matching dresses and shiny legs? Where are the shirtless men? Stop smiling you Cylon ladies, you are freaking me out!

I settled on a Nature episode about turtles. Did you know that Blue Whales move too fast to be studied effectively by boat? Or that Hawaii has saltwater crocodiles? I did not know those things, though it seems like those are things I should have known. They did show some squid. Squid are awesome.

Perhaps this couch incident is indicative of my energy level these days, as I've been getting too little sleep and mustering too little motivation - we're almost done here at SLAC, but not quite. Also, why did I decide that attending a conference and workshop during the last week of classes would be a good idea? I think it might be a good conference, but I feel a little overwhelmed that I have to travel and get back just in time to give final exams. And while I thought earlier in the term (of course) that a conference would motivate me to do some damned research, that has not been the case, and so I am not at all prepared to give a talk. There's still hope that I'll pull out some Excel magic at the last minute...but I'm not overly optimistic.

To all of you with your GRADING done by now, making your summer plans and enjoying the spring weather, I hate you. Just a little bit. And only for the rest of the month.

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