Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The poor blog has been ignored lately - more so than any month since March of last year, when I first threw a few random thoughts onto Blogger. I think things have been less random more recently, but perhaps also very boring. Eh.

Since I don't seem to be the only one neglecting the interwebs at this time of year, I have no guilt, but I'm also off to a conference next week and will be in grading jail right afterward, so things will probably remain relatively quiet(er).

Random recent events include:

- I finally committed to an itinerary for one project and decided to give up on another for this year. It is not my job to play a supporting role for someone else's grad student if they can't even email me with logistics in a timely manner. I will still be outta here for most of the summer, though, which is both exciting and sad. Too bad Partner is employed! (not really...but it would be cool if he could come).

- awesome senior is doing cool stuff with new expensive toys I bought. Fun, yet mostly for them and not for me.

- I am still not ready for this upcoming conference, but hope that I will have enough down time prior to my presentation that I might be ready by the time I need to be. I've never done that before - last minute tweaks, yes, but writing and potentially doing some stats in the hotel, no. A first time for everything, I guess.

- Sick! The past week has been tedious and snotty - and now there are evil beings living in my lung spaces. Get out! I'm going to be leaving an entire half of my month to sloth between being sick and traveling. I'm going to have to try to get in shape again in early June before heading into the field!

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