Thursday, May 7, 2009

a long frakkin week

A late Spring resolution: learn how to blog when I'm NOT complaining. Warning: bad language and whining below.

City, in its infinite desire to make my life hell even if I'm NOT living there any more, has decided to send a collection agency after the ticket that was obtained by the jackass who stole my car two years ago - yet is still in my name/assigned to my plates. I've sent in the required paperwork TWICE already stating that I was not driving the car, and am now quitting and sending them their money, because I'm sick of dealing with them and don't have the time to go back there, nor do I want any more ties between me and that fucking hole. Yes, this is exactly what they want me to do, and why they ignore citizen requests in general, and I'm fueling the corrupt pit of despair that is City, but I'm just too tired of it to motivate my inner outrage. I hate myself a little bit, but the thought of this shit hanging over my head makes me crazy. Maybe next time I will be the responsible citizen and fight the good fight.

Important lesson learned: make copies of EVERYTHING you send to any government, even if you're doing it at the last second while homeless and traveling. The fact that I can't PROVE that I wrote them those stupid letters is partially motivating the throwing in of this particular towel.

Also, Windows Vista, how is it that you STILL don't have your act together? How long have you been for sale? My printer will not install correctly. I hate you.

Important lesson learned: Vista sucks.

To my insurance company: I hate you too. You won't let me take prescriptions in advance, making it very difficult to leave the country for several months at a time. I find this ridiculous.

Important lesson learned: Insurance is a pain in the ass. But really, I already knew that.

To my cat: your claws get stuck in the rug with every step, and yet you still hate me for clipping them and making your life that much better. You're a jerk.

Important lesson learned: My cat is a jerk. Too bad I already knew that too.

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