Monday, June 1, 2009


Dudes. One of my students has turned in a final paper - a paper that was not written by them, except that I can't prove it. This paper is graduate-level work, written in perfect science-ese, lacking citations and written in a format that I did not prescribe. Turned in by a student who was failing, and who gave a presentation on this topic that largely consisted of "I don't really understand this..".

Crap! If I can't prove they plagiarized, I can't justify giving them a low enough grade to fail them in the course. This pisses me off something fierce.

Many people tell me that passing them with a D- is just as bad as failing them. I guess. But I have an over-developed sense of fairness and justice, so it still rankles.

In other news, Partner and I have now been together for six years. And we still put up with each other. He even bought a car while I was gone, and as sneaky as that might be it was still ok, because he was just being a responsible deal-hunting guy. Too bad the new car has now been hailed upon. Stupid thunderstorms!

Happy Anniversary to us!


Eric Reuter said...

I have several similar plagiarism stories from my academic time, including one where it couldn't be proven. I and the faculty member involved were also advised to go the D- route. Drove us nuts, though. Have you tried Googling blocks of text in quotes? We did that and proved it in one case, because up popped the original source.

Thorough congratulations on six worthwhile years. Joanna and I have known each other for seven and been a couple just over five. It's a good feeling.

Hope your "free time" sends you our way someday.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Googling was tried - I even tried a site that would do the googling for me, but nothing matched. I was hoping for some proof.

If I'm lucky even a D- will be enough to make an impression, since I believe they are already on academic probation.

Congrats on five - and now you have a wedding anniversary to celebrate too!