Monday, August 31, 2009

blog silence

Almost September - what!? And I'm back from my post-fieldwork vacation - thus radio silence here of late. Now it's back to work as well, and maybe a more productive research year than last. No more excuses related to "my first year" anyway!

Goals? I suppose:

- Two first-authored papers by the end of the fall term. One of these will have to happen, and I have a deadline to motivate me. The other is more likely to be in draft form by Christmas, but a submission wouldn't be impossible.

- Fix the labs for the intro class that I'm teaching again. I actually have a functional lab space now, which will help, but I need to work on a few of them and in general focus on tying them to the lectures - specifically rearranging things so the lectures and lab build on each other more than they did last time.

- Figure out my winter research plans. I have no idea if I'm even going anywhere at this point.

- I need a grant this year, and it would be nice if I had something ready to submit (or close to) by the end of the fall as well. I'm not really hurting for cash yet, but next summer may depend on getting some money from somewhere and at the very least having a submission sometime this year gives me time to revise and have a better chance later on, in time for the tenure decision.

I think those are the big ones - little stuff abounds, but it's really not fair to throw in stuff that will almost necessarily be accomplished regardless of my personal motivation.

Partner is working a crazy schedule for a few months this fall - I'm hoping that I can use his long work hours as time to get my own shit done. I think it can work. I just can't believe it's September!

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T said...

Two questions:
-is the annoying colleague/labmate still around?
-any chance your grant could include airfare/participation expenses for a vagabond? I'll learn to cook, learn to dig, pretty much anything but clean toilets to get in the field again.