Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And a writing I shall go

Ooh look at me, I actually sat my butt in a chair this afternoon and WROTE. My fifteen minutes extended to about an hour of highly distracted writing (Tuesday is my teaching-all-day day, so I wasn't at my writing prime), but I got some shit done. This is good, because I have a manuscript due on Nov. 1st that I had not even started until now. I know, I am a huge slacker. But I'm aiming for about 30k words, as represented by my new status bar on the right, and I hope to keep up this fifteen-minute thing (especially since that 1% being displayed right now is kinda bumming me out).

It helped, actually, that EVERY SINGLE student in my lab this afternoon decided to blow off everything that didn't absolutely have to be completed in the lab itself, and they all took off early. Awesome for me, not so awesome for you crazy kids when you figure out that the stuff in the manual is hard, even if it is strictly possible for you to do it in your dorm room. Have fun!

Also, I may have a DJ. And I found two available photographers with whom I will have to argue about details. Woot.

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